Old perceptions, negative image & lack of knowledge.

4 The Possibilities

What if there were enough students in the educational pipeline to fill the agricultural employment demand? What would the agricultural industry be like if enough students knew about and were enrolled in contemporary agriculture majors? Today more than ever, companies are looking for more diverse applicant pools, especially given the rapidly changing Hispanic demographics. Companies are looking for diverse human capital to help earn a larger market share, become stronger financially and reach a different target group of consumers. To do so, we must think differently.


If There Were Many

What would it be like if everyone in the United States knew about the diverse opportunities in agriculture? Imagine agriculture undergoing a period of transition where students are waiting in lines to sign up for agricultural classes because they do not have a negative image about agriculture. In 2008, only 1.5% of the total undergraduate college enrollment in the United States studied agriculture, nowhere near enough to meet the demand.

Opportunities For Growth

Increasing undergraduates enrolling into agricultural majors by one additional percent can have a huge impact on the future demand for agricultural employment.

Obtaining Knowledge Is Key

Today, there are a number of ways to obtain information about agriculture, food, and life sciences career opportunities. Speaking to individuals who have graduated from an agricultural program are good resources in providing additional information. There are companies who specialize in providing agricultural career opportunities to individuals looking for employment in the agricultural sector.