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Natural versus Unnatural in Agriculture

Posted by Edward Romero on January 30th, 2011

I just read a great blog called Feedstuffs Food Link: Connecting farm to fork, by Dr. Normand St-Pierre explaining the difference between natural selection and unnatural in agriculture. It is a great post that explains in layman’s terms, why natural is not always a good thing. Natural eggs,  natural chicken, etc. may not always be the best. I would encourage you to read his blog to better understand why.  I think he does a great job in explaining his position.  Feel free to post  your comments on his site after reading the blog.

I think you will find the post enlightening and interesting as well as educational.

You can find the blog post here.

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Dr. Edward W. Romero is founder and manager of AgForLife, LLC. He is passionate about recruiting more students into agriculture and believes the agriculture industry offers awesome opportunities for young people. You can follow him via AgForLife, LLC on Facebook or Twitter.


3 Responses to “Natural versus Unnatural in Agriculture”

  1. ruffle blouse

    Hey there, I read your blog nearly every day but I am mostly a reader not a commenter. I decided I’d finally leave a note emphasizing how much I like visiting your website as I think your content is both interesting and useful. Keep your blog updated and you have a reader for life.

  2. Pablo

    Hi Edward,
    Well, the article had a flawed logic trying to sell the idea that GMOs are natural. I think this person has not read enough about agroecology and how ecosystems work. But that is the beauty of this country everyone is entitled to an opinion…

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